3 Reasons I Became One Church – by Mike Williams

onthejourneyI believe in 3 things that have led me to this journey.

Firstly, I believe in covenant community – we are better off in covenant relationships and God blesses unity – not just spoken unity, but – real, gritty, joined together, through thick and thin – unity.

Secondly, I believe in God’s ordering the church. 1 Corinthians 12 says…

‘Here are some of the parts God has appointed for the church: first are apostles, second are prophets, third are teachers, then those who do miracles, those who have the gift of healing, those who can help others, those who have the gift of leadership, those who speak in unknown languages.’

When you have relationship with someone of an apostolic gift, the Biblical principle is ‘get behind them’.

I believe Simon to be such a leader, so I’ve decided to get behind him.

Thirdly, I believe in the One Church vision. I think it’s a God thing. I’m excited by the opportunities, and I know the church in Bristol will rise under this vision and leadership. It’s a no brainer!

I already have a great love for everyone at One Church, and this journey is easy because of their spirit, generosity and welcome. Let’s all get into unity behind God’s leaders, and serve a great vision!

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