Building a Church That Will Grow – Pt. 2

LeadershipIn part one, I talked about the boldness required to be a growing church. Now in part two it’s about taking that boldness and making the most of your opportunities!

Making the most of opportunities requires some knowledge

1 Pet 3:15 – ‘And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it…’

The broader our knowledge, the better equipped we will be to be helpful and gain the confidence of others. Leaders are learners. Get knowledge & share knowledge with your Church and empower them to learn!

Making the most of opportunities requires some woo

Winning Others Over. This is being personable, warm, loving, gracious and patient. Teach yourself and your church how to use our personalities to attract, not detract from the mission.

Making the most of opportunities requires some willingness

1 Thess 5.11 ‘So encourage each other and build each other up…’

Nothing saps our will like discouragement, and encouragement is the greatest weapon against discouragement. So, put courage in your Church, be an encourager; celebrate every small victory; keep picking people up and you will give strength to their will.

Leader: Do whatever it takes to empower your church to reach out to the lost!

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