Counterproductive Advertising Strategies

LeadershipI’ve recently joined a new gym – new to me and newly built. I couldn’t get away from their aggressive advertising strategy – everywhere I went in Gloucester I would come across their striking billboards, posters, vans and sandwich board adverts.

Since the gym has opened, and they have customers like me now signed up, their strategy has changed. Every few days now I get an email offering me some kind of bonus – 12 months free for example – if I introduce a friend and help them in their bid to increase their numbers.

Here’s the problem, the one thing no gym member wants is a busy gym. It’s a counterproductive advertising strategy.

This made me wonder how this matches up to the culture of our church. Our main advertising strategy is through word of mouth – relying on existing members to find more. Learning from the gym, this can only work if the culture is one that welcomes new members, expects them and knows how to respond when they’re there. A new member won’t spoil our little club – it will enhance it, our door is an open one and the members inside hold it open.

Do you have an advertising strategy? Is it counterproductive? Are new customers welcome in your church, business or organisation?

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