Deep & Wide – 3 reasons we recommend this book

RecommendedDeep & Wide by Andy Stanley 

I highly recommend this book for 3 reasons.


1. The title: We probably all envisage an influential and disciple-making church. One that is able to be both relevant to the community we are in, and able to lead people to the deeper waters of faith in God. Too often one has been traded for the other, resulting in either Christianity ‘lite’ services and weak community programs that give a cup, but forget the ‘in Jesus’ name’, or overly indulgent bible studies, that lay good foundations but build little on top.

This book boldly asserts we can do both, and is not short of practical advice on how we might go about it.

Andy Stanley’s discipleship model alone is worth reading the book for – inspiring and simple.



2. The author: Andy Stanley is an influential leader for several reasons, not least the fact that he is a proven practitioner of the things he is writing about. He has tried and failed, learned and grown a great church. His wealth of experience is borne out in the pages of this book. I found the honesty and genuineness of Stanley helped to make this much more than a book about ‘how to build a church’. It is a lesson in leadership itself.


3. Proverbs: I am encouraged to seek wisdom. As leaders in this great nation’s Church we need all the wisdom we can get from people who have it. Make book reading by seasoned practitioners a must in your busy year! It will do you good and stretch your mind.


You can purchase Deep & Wide by Andy Stanley from Amazon here.

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