In response to the Prime Minister’s gay marriage announcement

LeadershipThe PM made a statement today saying he fully backs gay marriage but no church (or other faith groups) will be forced to conduct a same sex marriage ceremony. BBC Radio Gloucestershire asked if I would record an interview with them later that day and it went a little something like this…

I said it’s been a healthy issue in the sense that churches should look at how open their door is to people from every walk of life.

When asked if ‘opting in’ to this (and if the synod had voted in favour of women bishops) would help modernise church I said all churches should aim to be relevant to the communities they are placed in and relevance goes beyond one single issue but their goal in all areas of ministry, and at One Church we are aiming for this passionately in our city.

Inevitably posed the question of whether One Church would marry couples in same sex relationships; our door is open to everyone in any walk of life, but in terms of the basis of marriage we have a strong belief that it is between one man and one woman so we would gratefully accept the open door the PM left for us to opt out.

Thankfully was given the chance to close by saying I go to church because I can walk in with all my strengths and weaknesses and worship Jesus because he accepts me for who I am and this opportunity is there for everyone.

I also inadvertently said the PM has ‘come out’…

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