New Song – Breakthrough


I started writing Breakthrough immediately after having “Breakthrough Sunday” at One Church in January 2012. I remember our pastor, Simon, preaching about needing to grow your breakthrough, like growing a plant. Planting the seed of God’s word in your heart and letting God grow it.

Also at that time I was going through some difficult circumstances, and was trying to work through what God had for me in it all.

I wrote a song about 18 months beforehand called “Maker Of The Stars” – a song about when I can’t see the road ahead, Jesus can. The things I was writing about then were still things I was trying to figure out at the time, and I’m still trying to figure out today.

So with all of this in mind I began to write and the lines came to me “Breakthrough is coming / the cross is enough / Jesus You’re the answer”. I remember taking the song to Amy Jorden, who is an incredible worship leader & songwriter here, and she said to me, “I really like the song, Chris, but you need to change ‘Breakthrough is coming’ to ‘Breakthrough has come.’”

She was right. Even though I hadn’t seen the answer yet, it was a statement of faith. Jesus is the answer – and because of that the breakthrough has already come. Because Jesus had already done everything for my breakthrough.

This is a song for when you’ve seen breakthrough happen in your life and you’re rejoicing, but for those of us for whom the evidence of the breakthrough hasn’t come yet. It is a reminder that we see breakthrough when we put God’s word in our hearts. It is also a reminder that Jesus has done everything for us to see breakthrough, so we can sing with faith, “Breakthrough HAS come.”

Download lyrics & chord chart and mp3 demo*.

*Copyright: One Church 2012, Written by Chris Bright. While we are pleased to make these resources available for free, we ask that you credit appropriately when used. For example, if you use a new song add copyright info on your presentation software. All audio recordings are intended for demo purposes only and are not produced for public performance or distribution.
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