Why it’s OK to tweet in church

LeadershipWhile you’ll never catch me growing wheat on Farmville, sending zombie requests or throwing virtual snowballs, I do enjoy an occasional dabble in the world of social networking. I say dabble… I succumbed to Facebook, I’ve been a Twitter addict for couple of years and even Foursquared everywhere I went for a while (I became the mayor of Simon’s house which I thought was particularly funny).

Half way through one service, having already ‘checked-in’ on Foursquare, I thought I’d tweet from the One Church account about how well it was going. Suddenly I became rather aware that to anyone else I could have been texting, checking my email or setting my Sky+ to record Match of the Day. Someone even mime-asked if I was playing Angry Birds. I quickly sent the tweet and resumed my ‘listening intently’ position.

This made me think… when is it ok to tweet in church? Ten years ago when your mobile phone did texting and phone calls really well, but WAP was too painfully slow to bother using, you wouldn’t see people on their phones in church – and it’s probably a little rude to text when someone is talking to you. But since Jesus made the iPhone, there’s a huge range of things you could be doing and I think some of it is useful. It’s encouraging to read so many tweets from people buzzing about our services – perhaps a quote / a scripture / a line from a song, and the more this happens the bigger buzz you’ll create for others.

Someone could wake up too late for service one, see a load of great tweets and be motivated to be there in time for service two. Or maybe your twitter followers don’t have a church – you’re introducing them to one every time you positively tweet. I know for a fact that when there’s some twitter momentum, at the very least you create a new level of expectation – whether that’s for church, a restaurant you ate in or a film you just went to see.

So it’s official, if you come to One Church at least, you are allowed to tweet (or update your Facebook) in church… just don’t get tempted by that little folder of games on your home screen.

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